Civil Liability Essay

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Civil Liability is very important in criminal justice because it keeps order between a police Officer and a civilian. Civil liabilities are used to prevent police misconduct, or police brutality. One way of preventing police brutality is by presenting a code of conduct to police departments and also have seminars on how to arrest and prevent police brutality. Another way to prevent police brutality is by integrating them self’s because most of police brutality involves white cops brutalizing minority suspects, it also counters the perception of racism in police departments. Integrated departments also curbs racially motivated violence. Another issues in criminal justice is the use of deadly force and when is deadly justified. The issues of deadly force are in what situation it’s used and if the officer had no choice but to use deadly force. Deadly force should be used in a situation where the officers or others lives are in danger. Deadly force is justified when you are in danger of fetal or great bodily harm but when you have a way out of the situation without deadly force then take, because you still go to trial for using deadly force. Some dangers of police work are high speed chases which can result in fetal car accidents in which an officer can be harmed or killed. Another danger of modern police work are traffic stops on the highway because some people are sometime intoxicated and believe they can fight with a police officer on the side of the

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