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The Law can be divided into two separate categories, being criminal and civil law. The difference between the two is that criminal proceedings are separate from civil actions. The difference between the two is, in the criminal case the crime is a public wrong, punishment is either death or incarceration, the government is the prosecutor, and the proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case the harm is a private wrong, instead of a criminal matters, punishment is compensation, the plaintiff is the person who suffered, and the proof is preponderance of evidence. The one thing both these laws have in common is that they both try to control the behavior by imposing sanctions on those who violate the law. In the case of O.J Simpson, he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, and found liable for the wrongful deaths of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Under the criminal law, O.J Simpson pleaded 100 % not guilty for these two counts of first degree murder. During all the criminal proceedings there was plenty of evidence that pointed the finger to Simpson. In the end Simpson was acquitted for the murders of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. After going through the criminal proceedings the civil action came from the side of Fred Goldman and the estate of Ronald Goldman, Sharon Rufo and the estate of Nichole Brown Simpson. In the end of the civil trials the verdict was, the Goldman family was awarded $8.5 million in compensatory damages, and both families were awarded $12.5 million in punitive damages. In Simpson’s case he could be acquitted for the murders but still found liable of the their deaths in the civil trial, because of the fact that criminal law is separated from the civil law, therefore, he can have the two different outcomes, and adding in the preponderance of proof had much to do with the

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