Civil Disobedience Essay

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The Way to Find Our Rights Through history government has oppressed its citizens with unjust laws. Until the concept of Civil Disobedience came into play to fight oppression. One man who established the idea of civil disobedience was Henry David Thoreau who in his idea of civil disobedience established his idea of self-reliance. Over the years came to great men who fought oppression. They were Mohandas k. Gandhi and Mather Luther king who both established different ways of fighting oppression. Mohandas k. Gandhi established his idea of fighting oppression which was Satyagraha. Mather Luther King established his idea of fighting oppression which was non-violent resistance. With similar ideas all three leaders fought against oppression. However all though each leader succeeded in the cause of fighting oppression none did better for their cause than Mather Luther king. He won his and his people’s rights with his speeches and need to fight unjust oppression. Influenced by ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas, Henry David Thoreau came up with his own way of fighting oppression. This was his idea of self-reliance. Henry David Thoreau was a dedicated abolitionist. He went against the Mexican American war. He did not like that the U.S. had started a senseless war for nothing but benefits towards them. “Thoreau spent a night in jail for refusing to pay a poll tax used to finance a government that condom med the institution of slavery and wage war against Mexico”. (364). This quote shows Hendry Thoreau expressing his idea of self-reliance by not paying a poll that funded the Mexican-American War. He will not fund something that he believes is unjust and immoral. Henry David Thoreau writes about not following what government wants you to follow. “A common and natural result of an undo respect for law is that you may see a file of soldiers, colonel, captain, corporal, pirates, powder

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