Civil Disobedience Essay

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Madelyne Hamilton English 12 AP Mrs. Perino—Period 6 16 November 2011 Civil Disobedience Essay Civil disobedience may arise when individuals deliberately refuse to tolerate the law. It may occur within a passive, civilized manner to protest the law. Many times, distinctive actions of civil disobedience have assisted in forcing a re-examination of society’s moral or ethical standards. During the 1800s, Susan B. Anthony caused a pandemonium in America by casting a ballot in a presidential election when the right for women to vote was nonexistent. This act put Susan B. Anthony on a path of resistance that led to a life of peril and persecution. Even though Anthony’s fight for the right to vote seemed like an endless battle, there was a time when women and men existed in a life of equality. Before the middle ages came about, England was a society where Anglo-Saxon women were held to a position of respect from the men in their society. Women had the right to own property, fight in battle, hold a high office, and, ironically enough, vote for the officials of their community. However, the coming Middle Ages would change the rights that women had forever. This all started at the battle of Hastings in 1066 when William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, France, defeated the Anglo-Saxon king and named himself King of England. Although he did not change the English language, William the Conqueror did change their society, change their society to one where women had virtually no rights. From that point on, women seemed to have willingly given up their God-given rights without a fight. Little did they know, the fight to gain back these rights would be a long and difficult one. At the turn of the century, 1800 began a century of women, like Susan B. Anthony, fighting for their rights, that including the right to vote. At this time, women were deprived of many

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