Civil and Consensual Marriage

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Course: Academic Writing Instructor’s name: Alena E.Maksakova Student’s name: Mariyam Yasin Argumentative essay: Final Version Date: 27 April 2013 Consensual Marriage VS Civil Marriage Marriage is a cultural institution which unique legal status is recognized by governments all over the world. Among different types of marriages the following two are the most common: a consensual marriage and a civil marriage. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to live together without any document formalization. They believe that this form of marriage will help them to understand their potential future partner better and thus, to figure out if both of the partners are ready to share marital obligations, rights, responsibilities, and all the other legal parts implied by marriage. This form of relationships may be good and can help people avoid disappointment later. However, civil relations have much more advantages, such as to make both partners more responsible about starting a real family, to give them both social and material guaranties and finally to earn a good reputation for a girl. People preferring consensual marriage say that these informal relations are the best opportunity to know and understand the partner even better. However, there are many other ways to know the partner better, instead of having consensual relations. Those two in love can spend a lot of time together sharing different activities in which each of them can represent him/herself in different spheres of life. But only having their relations documented and being officially married a couple can start a real family. One of the aspects of a family is a common budget. Both, a wife and husband, are supposed to be responsible for each other’s needs. In consensual relations, the life–style is more selfish, while within a civil marriage, a wife can hardly buy new furniture. Moreover, being married, the
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