Civil Action Critique

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Christopher Bacon February 28th, 2012 Intro. Public Health J. Maynard A Civil Action: Book Critique A Civil Action, written by Jonathan Harr in 1996, is a non-fiction novel published following the events that occurred in Woburn, MA between the mid 1960’s and early 1980’s. Several citizens of the town had contracted lymphoma, originally not sure how, eventually studies and a long drawn out investigation found that the town drinking water had been breached with numerous chemicals that were dumped and absorbed from local businesses. Two companies were blamed in the infractions. Beatrice Foods Inc. who owned John Riley Tannery and W.R. Grace & Company who produced food-processing equipment were both at fault and settlements…show more content…
As a citizen of a town, city, and state, you expect your surroundings to be safe and for your availability. In this case, public water use is the topic in hand, and it is one of the most important. As I stated, there are numerous regulations on public water, more than those for bottled water, but it seems easy for something to slip under the radar and pollute water possibly creating a harmful reaction like the lymphoma epidemic that occurred. The public health in any area should be the number one priority of that particular city or town. That means anything that can potentially harm a citizen is carefully watched, maintained, or if needed to be resolved and fixed it get done immediately. In the case with Woburn, obviously the public water wasn’t constantly maintained, and in result, citizens were put at risk and several were killed. Due to trust issues with public water supplies, people have drastically relied on bottled water, and past issues like Woburn are to blame. The government needs to focus strongly on both local and commercial water supplies because it’s a staple in the human life and without fresh water we would become extinct. So, to spend money focusing on the safety of all water sources should be a priority to prevent future case like Woburn from reoccurring and giving water a bad rap when bystanders are to
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