Civics and Citizenship Essay

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Chapter 6 Questions Unknown Person 1. According to my opinion, the phrase “think globally, act locally” means to me that we must urge people to consider the health of the entire planet, and to take action in their own communities and cities. This means we must raise awareness about particular issues and concerns we have, and make sure our voice gets through our community. For example, getting together in groups or individuals and start thinking as a community, and start raising awareness is a effective way to act locally. 2. According to my opinion, being a global citizen for me means to identify and being part of an emerging world community, and contribute actions to building the community’s values and practises. Since our society is growing with modern technology and advancements, these technologies are strengthening our ability to connect to the rest of the world, which makes us part of the global economy. Also being a global citizen to me is to be conscience of your impact on other people around the world and will not do anything that could negatively affect them. 3. A country might want a mix of political ideologies because they want a variety of ways of thinking, and numerous sets of beliefs, as to how they can run their country. To explain my reasoning, we can have socialism that corrects the balance between the rich and poor, and we can have some production and distribution that are privately owned. Having communism means to having property and resources that are collectively owned by a classless society, that we can have that too in a country. So basically, if we have a variety of political ideologies, we have different opinions and thoughts about different belief, which can be beneficial for a country, and that supports democracy. 4. You can participate in global activism without spending a lot of money by using a free

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