Civic Work Essay

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CWTS 2 Scrapbook For every group, aside from creative presentation, you need to pass a scrapbook. Though the idea of a scrapbook is creativity and fun, I expect that it is also heavy with information and details regarding your civic work. The scrapbook must have the following (you can add to these, of course): 1. Name for CIVIC WORK 2. Name of the Group • Leader and Members 3. Background • How the group was able to finally decide on which civic work to do 4. Profile of the Community/ Institution 5. Objectives and Description of your Civic Work • For the objectives, refer to your CWTS 1 proposal 6. Actualization/ Implementation • What the group did from start to end • Normal scenario in your fieldwork • What every member had contributed • Post-fieldwork activities, if any 7. Problems and “Special” Cases • The problems that the group encountered before and during the implementation • “Special” here may not actually problems but events that you did not see coming when you were planning or things that simply made the group happy or sad 8. Evaluation and Assessment • Were the objectives realized/ not realized? Why or why not? • Do you think your work had created a long-term impact or just short-term? • How do you assess the response and/or participation of all the people you had worked with? • In the community/ institution where you did your civic work, what were the inherent problems/ limitations that the group had observed? Did you address or attempt to address the problems? How? 9. Recommendations • What do you think are the immediate concern that the community/ institution should address? • How about your recommendations that will bear long-term effect? • Given the limited time and resources, what would you recommend for future CWTS students

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