Civic Responsibility Essay

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THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CIVIC EDUCATION AND STATE POLICY: AN EVALUATIVE STUDY by Frances L. Kidwell ________________________________________________________ A Dissertation Presented to the FACULTY OF THE ROSSIER SCHOOL OF EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree DOCTOR OF EDUCATION May 2005 Copyright 2005 Frances L. Kidwell DEDICATION This study is dedicated to Dr. Margaret Stimmann Branson, a mentor, a colleague, a friend, and a national treasure to present and future generations of educators, scholars, students, and those who work toward a continu-ous renewal of a dynamic and vigorous democracy. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I have had the great pleasure of working with scholars and colleagues who have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of students across the nation with a renewed sense of efficacy and meaning through civic education. I am particularly indebted to the very honorable and dedicated staff at the Center for Civic Education including Chuck Quigley, Dr. Margaret Branson, John Hale, Mark Molli, Ted McConnell, Roy Erickson, Dee Morgan, Carol Hatcher, Pam Allender, Michael Fisher, Bob Leming, and Suzanne Soule. I am grateful to the professional courtesies extended to me through the Constitutional Rights Foundation, particularly to Todd Clark, Marshall Croddy, Debbie Genzer, and Keri Doggett. I am indebted to the Education Commission of the States and the National Center for Citizenship and Learning for their exceptional body of civic education research and state database information, which I was able to use as a foundation for my study. I am grateful for all the support and guidance I have received from Dr. Dennis Hocevar, professor par excellence, at the University of Southern California,

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