Civic Duty Essay

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ANALYSIS OF THE ARTICLE: CIVIC DUTY - YOUNG PEOPLE ‘S CONCEPTIONS OF VOTING AS A MEANS OF POLITICAL PARTICIPACION. Studies realized on a global scale are reflecting that the young people participate every day less from the civic and political processes. These studies have been realized because a concern that exists in the educators and in policy makers about this phenomenon that has been noticed with the decrease of voting rates among young people. Voting is a citizen right and a civic duty. Why young people do not want to take part in this process? How can be achieved a civic active participation of this segment of the population in particular? The article in analysis about a study realized in Canada with 40 students, 20 African emigrants and 20 native-born white and black Canadians, presents possible causes of this civic disengagement among the young people. The main identified causes are: 1) Lack of interest in participation, and 2) Not confidence in the politicians. Lack of Interest in Participation The article documents that programs of civic education have been implemented in Canada and have been included in the high school curriculum, but are considering beginning earlier like at level of elementary school and middle school. Would this measurement help in US educative system? Definitively yes. We prepare children and young people to be academically competent teaching them Mathematics, Sciences, Language, History, etc, but little has done to help them in to learn concepts of public-spiritedness and of civic participation. In US history books you hear about wars, military skirmishes, elections and election campaigns. You hear of a few battles but on the whole there are very little written about the citizen movement. As a result, people grow up thinking that what they have has been given to them by some signal
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