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Hi /r/civ! I've got a challenge here whose core idea was submitted by /u/drakeonaplane, but I modified to be more broad. Let's get this started! No Soldier Left Behind Difficulty: Any Civ: Whoever you want Victory: Whichever you want Size: Doesn't matter Objective From the very beginning to the very end, you must endeavor to keep all your units alive. We will keep score, counting down from 0 based on how many units you lose in war. Directions: Settle your city wherever you please and build a scout straight away (like you normally would). This scout must be kept alive throughout the entire game. You can search for ruins to promote your scout, but you cannot delete it. If the scout dies, you lose! Losing any military unit except the scout will count as -1 point. You cannot get these points back! This includes all land units, sea units and air units as well. Expending a nuclear missile, atomic bomb or guided missile will not lose you any points, unless you blow up one of your other units on accident (which would be hilarious, so share that if it happens). If you reach -5 points, you lose the challenge! You're not going to want to lose more than 5 soldiers on high levels of play (especially if they're well promoted), so let's all practice keeping our troops alive at all costs! Some tips! Be very wary of the fog of war. The AI can spam units, you never know what's behind it. Always wait an extra turn before going deep into enemy territory if you're unsure. Be aware of the zone of control mechanic, and how it can affect you and your enemy's troop movements. You might be able to save a weaker unit's life if you position properly! If you are interested in participating, save this thread. Then, please post a screenshot (or many) of your victory (ha ha ha ha ha) to this thread with a detailed description of what your journey was like. If you have any ideas for

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