City Road Inequalities Analysis

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Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and learning companion 1, describe some inequalities on City Road. In this assignment I am going to look at the inequalities which I have observed on City Road. Inequalities are situations where people feel excluded, businesses only cater for specific people or where people have more money to expand their business than what others would. One thing that I observed was a news agents owned by Collin Butwell. I felt like there were a lot of inequalities surrounding him and his shop, as there were bigger more well-known stores which had opened up near him, such as the Tesco and the Spar. Although Collin mentioned that the spar opening up didn’t lose him any business “…Spar um opening up about oh it will be 25 years ago up the road didn’t affect me…” (‘The Street’, 2009, scene 1) he does then go on to say the Tesco has affected his business by…show more content…
This shop specialised in making sari’s and selling Asian gold jewellery, so the main customers of this shop would appeal on to people of a certain ethnic background and other ethnicities would feel as though there aren’t welcome to this shop because of their sales. Another thing noticed was the way the customer has to enter the shop which is brought up by Lloyd who says “How come I have to ring a doorbell to get into this shop?” (‘Making social lives on City Road’, 2009, scene 6) I think this could potentially make some people feel unwelcomed and excluded and as tough you have to have special permission in order to enter this shop as you can’t just walk in as you can in other shops in the street. The male worker in the shop does explain why the entry to the shop is this way in the shop by saying “yeah its for safety reasons mainly” (‘Making social lives on City Road, 2009, scene 6) but the outside community wouldn’t know that until they entered the

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