City Road Essay

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Fiona Ivinson TMA01 Page 1 Outline how some benefit and others lose on a street that you know. In this essay I will be looking at Otley Road in Headingley and who benefits and who loses on this street. Headingley is a suburb of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. It is approximately two miles out of the city centre, to the North West. Otley Road is a major road in West Yorkshire that runs from Leeds to Burley-in-Wharfedale. In Headingley Otley Road is lined with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants. Otley Road has become a main transportation route in to Leeds over time. In the late 1800’s it became the main depot for the tramway, facilitating the expansion of the once village into the suburb it is now. The change from a village to a suburb has brought new business and new people to Otley Road, for some of the original residents of the area this has been a hard transition. Today the traffic that uses Otley Road has changed; it is now one of the main routes into Leeds city centre and during rush hour and is host to many bus routes, very much alike City Road. However the busy rush hour traffic also accommodates a lot of cyclists and pedestrians. Due to the heavy traffic it causes frustration for the road users as it is a single lane for most of the way without the space for bus lanes and only partial cycle lanes, which can mean it is a dangerous route for cyclists and it can cause frustration for the motorists stuck behind the slow moving cyclists. There are also numerous traffic lights and crossings along Otley Road that make crossing Page 2 easy for pedestrians. Even on a junction similar to Death Junction on City Road, (The Open University, Making Social Lives, 2013, DVD) crossing is not dangerous. However the numerous sets of traffic lights can make the traffic flow slow and cause large tail backs. This also impacts on the environment. As
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