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St. Augustine began writing The City of God in 410, when Christianity was not the most sought out religion to believe seeing that only one God was to be worshipped. The thought that only one God was responsible for all of mankind seemed impossible, pagans blamed the conversion of the empire to Christianity on mostly what Augustine had been writing about and what he believed in. The Excerpts on the two cities is based on an earthly city and also a heavenly city and how they tie together and how conflicts between the two arise. Augustine writes on the evil nature and bad tendencies of men and how Christianity lifts them out of these things. To understand what St. Augustine was trying to accomplish you must be able to think from different point of views, he tries to stretch the mind to think of ideas that people are not used to hearing. Augustine’s concept of the two cities, the earthly city and the heavenly city is very interesting, these two cities seem so far apart but yet they’re so much alike. He explains the concept of the earthly city, formed by the love of self. The earthly city is fueled by humans never ending hunger for self gratification; people rely on their strength and their own wisdom to glorify their earthly desires and passions. In the earthly city even though self gratification is always the motivation for people’s actions the ultimate goal is usually peace and happiness. The way people attain the peace they want in the earthly city is done by wars and destruction. Augustine shows that people want to live their dreams out but the earthly nature makes people forget about God and therefore the life people want to have is even harder without God in it. “For they were either leaders or followers of the people in adoring images, and worshipped and served the creature more than the creator.” Augustine shows that people have forgotten about God

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