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City of Bones Essay

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  • on February 12, 2013
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City Of Bones

The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is an amazing fictional series. The first book starts of with Clary sneaking into a night club and she witnesses a murder. Clary insisted something had happened, but her friend refused to believe it because, he did not see anything. Jace saw that clary had seen what had happened causing him to actually want to talk to her now because, she was obviously not a mudane. Clary could not let go of what had happened and kept insisting to her friend that she saw it happen and it was real. However, he friend did not believe her still. Jace decided to go talk to Clary and see if she actually did see what happened. Jace begins to explain to clary that she is not a human, nor immortal. Clary still could not process what he was saying. Jace begins to tell her what he is, a shadow hunter, while she does not know whether to believe him or not. Clary thinks that her mother or father would have told her about this if it were true or not. She chooses not to believe Jace, but that leaves answers unanswered making Clary question the situation. Clary soon begins to realize that maybe Jace is right. She sees other things mudanes do not. She questions if there is a world with in her world, but not outside or her world. She has yet to believe if this is true or not, or just all a lie. Cassandra Clare uses many literary elements to make this book keep the reader on their toes. She uses different ways to foreshadow the next events either in the book or in a sequel. Cassandra Clare also uses several sentence patterns to make it a little easier on the reader to comprehend the series of events being taken place at that moment.

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