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The Archaeologist that I chose to study was Spyridon Marinatos, an Archaelogist who excavated the lost city of Akrotiri, Thera. Firstly I will tell you a little but about his life and how he became the great Archaeologist he was. He was Born on the 4th of November 1901 in Cephalonia, Greece. As he was always a bit of an explorer as a child he decided when he was old enough he was going to study Archaeology. He studied at many universities such as Athens, Berlin and Halle. His archaeological career started when he was made caretaker of the antiquities on Crete where he spent twenty years there eventually becoming the Director of the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion. In 1937 he became the director of Archaeology of the Education ministry and in 1939 was given the chair of Archaeology at the university of Athens. In 1955 Spyridon Marinatoes was elected a member of the Athens Academy and then soon he was appended Inspector-General of the Archaeological Services. Sadly Spyridon Marinatoes was killed in a tragic accident in 1967 suffering from a stroke and died as he was hit by a collapsing wall, which he became buried in the site. Spyridon Marinatos conducted several excavations throughout his life but his most noticeable was the discovery of the lost city of Akrotiri on Thera. This city was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption, which buried it under ashes and pumice. Spyridon Marinatoes started excavating this site in 1967. The large extent of the settlement that was found included, the elaborate drainage system, the buildings filled with magnificent wall- paintings, furniture and vessels. Spyridon Marinatos soon realized that this excavation would take a long time to excavate and decided for there to be accommodation, laboratories and workshops built near-by the site for all the people working on the excavation. Some of the famous buildings today

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