City Life vs Coutry Life Essay

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Some people prefer a fast-paced city life compared to the more relaxed pace in the country. However there are always advantages and disadvantages in living in a city or in a country. Let's look at the arguments of city life first. Living in a city surely brings lots of advantages. A city is bigger not only by their area, also by the number of inhabitants. You have more opportunities to go out, a city offers night clubs, theatres, sports centres, cinemas, and shopping centres and also other cultural centres really fill up your free time. Another advantage of city life is the chance to get a good education and knowledge. In cities you can find most of high schools and universities and it is easier to find and get work, because a town appears a great supply of vacancies. One advantage is also the higher standard of health service, including hospitals, doctors and first aid stations in a city. As can be expected, there are also disadvantages of city life. In a city dominate a high level of criminality. You always have to be careful when you are on the streets especially of pickpockets, murders and drug dealers. Another disadvantage is the air pollution and exhaust fumes. Everyday hundred of cars drive on the streets and this argument takes me to my next disadvantage. Too many people in the streets of a city make too much noise and everything is loud and everything is very fast-paced, it really dominates a hectic atmosphere. In addition to the arguments of city life there are also advantages and disadvantages of country life. One advantage is that there isn’t much pollution and traffic, so the air is clean and fresh. Beside this, living in a country area is much safer, because there aren’t many burglars like in the city and when something happens people know each other and they really recognize that something is strange. Another advantage is that the people aren’t

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