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City Life - What’s the plan for Melbourne? The City Weekly’s ‘City Living’ column on the 24th of June last year featured Rob Urban, the senior director of Zenith Construction’s proud and patriotic opinion on the way Melbourne should be built. In contrast to Urban’s organised and “high-class” vision on what Melbourne should be, Alfred Sylvan, a family man living in one of Melbourne’s outer suburbs, argued in a somewhat sarcastic tone that the only realistic way Melbourne could sustain citizens would be to have a variety of living conditions available. Immediately, Rod Urban appeals to the pride that people living in Melbourne should feel towards the building industry in their city. Urban argues that we are moving “towards being a great city of international renown”, as he appeals to the proud patriots of Melbourne. He proposes that the way in which Melbourne can be recognised as a “high-class” city is by building higher buildings rather than more and more outer suburbs. This is Urban’s attempt to persuade the people of Melbourne that the city will look better to citizens of other cities and countries with bigger buildings, rather than “suffer from middle-aged spread” around the cities boarder. In response to Urban’s view on what Melbourne should look like, Sylvan sarcastically argued that the “‘great’ skyscrapers” Rod Urban suggested Melbourne needs are not, however, practical for families that cannot afford “a luxury apartment in the city”. Sylvan explains to Melbourne citizens that the “urban sprawl” that Urban suggested is in fact what the demand is by many people in Melbourne who “choose to live somewhere with a bit of space around them”. This positions audiences to consider the different types of environments that people in Melbourne may prefer to live in. This argument is supported by the image, as there are no houses built, but empty spaces of

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