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Aidan Chamandy City life is by far a better way of life compared to country living. Cities are vibrant and exciting places to live and offer unique opportunities for any age or ethnicity. In the city there are countless job opportunities, thriving cultural scenes and easy access to necessary goods and services such as public transit, hospitals, schools and grocery stores. Cities have a diverse economy with a multitude of industries such as high tech, medical research, education, arts, advertising and design, banking and finance. Needless to say, cities are the places where groundbreaking discoveries have happened in the modern world. Dr. Richard Florida, a professor at the University of Toronto research has shown that “the smartest and most creative minds are often found in the city and they draw millions of dollars in government and private investments.” This in turn creates more jobs and business opportunities thus attracting more intelligent and creative people. People thrive in this environment, move up the career ladder and remain living in the city. In the country there are far fewer industries and often only a single industry to support the entire town, like logging. There are fewer job opportunities for people of all ages particularly those who are just starting their careers. They are forced to leave the country in search of work. Also it isn’t very hard to get a job in the city so if you are unqualified or at a disadvantage at all you can still get a job and the salaries and variety of jobs in the city tend to be much higher than in rural areas. Variety makes the city a much more interesting place to live because nothing is the same, unlike in the suburbs or the country where you get the same thing over and over again. The city is rich in culture. In the city you can hear many different kinds of music and eat foods from all nationalities. There

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