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Max Alletzhauser, English- Johannesburg Essay/Speech There is an evident contrast in many areas of the city of Johannesburg. Rich vs. poor, clean vs. dirty, sterling vs. shoddy. For me, the most noticeable contrasts occur in the lifestyle of the city livers, most commonly in the buildings in which they live, work and visit. There are an endless amount of examples that I could provide to explain this contrast of lifestyle in Johannesburg, but for now I am just going to use the example of two sets of buildings in the city. The first set is the Sandton City building and the Michelangelo Tower, and the second set is the Hillbrow Tower and Ponte City, or also known as the Telkom and Vodacom Towers. For many years Sandton has been considered as the wealthy sector of the city, and is now considered to be the Central Business District of Johannesburg. Sandton is an opulent suburb which is landmarked by the two most noticeable buildings in the area: the grey Sandton City building and the brand new Michelangelo Tower. These two iconic buildings represent the wealth and prosperity of Johannesburg. Sandton City, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Southern hemisphere, is a popular destination for many first class citizens. This sophisticated mall is best recognized by the tall grey office building, which was built in 1973. A more recent addition to the Sandton City family are the very exclusive Michelangelo Towers. This 140m apartment building offers premium Manhattan-style living in Johannesburg. It is the forth-tallest building in Johannesburg, and includes a top-selling penthouse going for R28 million. This may be why Sandton City is called “Africa’s richest square mile”. On the other side of town there is a devastating contrast. Overpopulation and floods of litter come to mind when one thinks of Hillbrow, but this area is still a very

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