City Jail Experience Essay

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StanleyJohnson Eng 121 Dr. Perkins 9-16-12 Final essay City jail experience It was Sunday morning about twenty-four years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. I had been awake for a couple of hours watching television. A friend of mine named Rudy was knocking on my front door. We had been friends for about three years. I could see him from my bedroom window, which was directly above the front door. When I opened the door, at first I didn’t know this would be the start of the scariest time in my life. Rudy wanted to know If I would ride to the store with him. I was seventeen at the time. I had my driver’s license, but he only had his permit. He needed somebody to ride with him, according to Maryland law, with a license. I figured he had one of his brothers or sister’s vehicles that they let him drive to the store. It was a pearl red chevy cavalier. . We only lived two blocks from each other, so he didn’t have to drive that far to get to my house. We left my house on our way to the local food market that had some video games inside of it. We were going to play some games. We got about halfway to the store and a Baltimore county police vehicle pulled up behind us aggressively. After that more cars showed up, too. The next thing I knew Rudy presses the gas and we were being chased by four police vehicles along with a helicopter flying above us as well. I told Rudy

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