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City Council Meeting Heath J. Demuth Texas Politics, Mr. Greg Markley GOVT 2306 Unable to identify with the Texas State Senate due to technological difficulties, I watched several videos of past Columbus, Georgia City Council meetings. One main event that I saw in every video stands out in my mind. The Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation lead each and every meeting still. The meeting I chose to report on takes place in December of 2011, shortly after the summation of the FY 2011 audit. Madam Mayor Tomlinson (first female mayor of Columbus) passed the floor to City Manager Isaiah Hughley for the introduction of Ms. Aimee A. Jacobsen as the new senior City Planner. After a lengthy introduction it was brought forward to vote her in by the council. The first order of business entailed the results from the annual audit. With only one negative finding, an agency fund failed to provide bank reconciliation in a timely manner, Mr. Larry Young concluded with his recommendation that the city higher more accountants to better track the cash flow of this booming city. Ms. Pam Hodge (city finance director) followed with the suggestion of a few financial resolutions. The biggest and most strongly recommended was that of securing a pay package for court reporters. Judge John Allen, a highly respected 70 year old black man from Georgia, agreed that the County and City develop a package for court reporters as to they were receiving 190 dollars a day for duties. Eight months out of the year they are more or less unemployed. Judge Allen allowed that with an annual salary and benefits package, they would more than likely have to work in other areas of the city government when acting as official court reporters. The Judge was probably the only citizen at the meeting that seemed to be thoroughly happy to be taking part in the council meeting. Later I found out

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