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City and Guilds 6502 Level 3 Award in Education and Training – AET Unit 301: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training Assessment Task A: Information Booklet You have been asked to produce a leaflet that mentors within your organisation can use when supporting new members of staff. The leaflet needs to outline some of your organisation’s procedures and be a useful reference point. In this document you will: a) explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education and training. Follow the SMART teaching theory, setting Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time bound goals for students. Marking and assessing students work and progress. The 5 stages of the teacher/training cycle which identify the roles and responsibilities in education and training, are as follows: • Identify The aim at this stage is to assess and review. The primary responsibility of the teacher should be to determine what are the exact aims and objectives and the expected level of achievement required for the course that the teacher is hoping to teach. It will then require the teacher to examine the results of the initial assessment so that it is clear as to what amount of support the learners might need and to also be able to identify the level of prior knowledge and competence of the learners. This will ensure that every student has the highest possible chance of success. • Plan and design The roles here is to be an organiser and researcher. It's a teacher’s responsibility to plan and design a course in such a way as to ensure that it meets the specific needs of the learners. Some courses are constrained by the subject of the material and can only be delivered in a certain manner. Following a syllabus becomes essential as it enables the teacher to map the learning outcomes, and the aims

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