Citizenship Community And Contribution Essay

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Citizenship, Community, And Contribution Citizenship is both an honor and duty; something certainly to be taken seriously. We, as the human race are all citizens in form or another. I, for example, am a citizen of my neighbor; the city in which I reside; and of course my nation. It is something, both literally and figuratively, constantly sought after. A citizen has rights and responsibilities that have a crucial need to be upheld. Citizenship is essentially being a key member of something greater than yourself, namely a community. Community is the concept of a group of somewhat like minded individuals living or working together for a common goal. There are many different types of community, which include, but are not limited to: geographical; social; or even virtual; with the modern advent of the Internet. The basic needs of every community are the cooperation of the people within it. As the old saying goes, “Team work makes the dream work”. If people of the community were very cooperative and worked as a team, the community itself would change and improve itself for the better due to effective ideas contributed by the dedicated people within the community. Community is basically the fabric that holds man kind together. As human beings, we have an enormous responsibility to our community, whichever community it may be. We have responsibilities to lend a helping hand to each other, to be sure proper values and laws are upheld. For example, if good member of the community sees that their elderly neighbor has trouble keeping their their grass cut, they would mow the lawn or them. Also, an honorable member of the community will vote and let their voice be heard. We not only have local responsibilities to our communities, but also global. It all starts with “you”, as it also affects
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