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Running head: OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Designating an Official Language of the United States Tammy Smith ENG 122 Jerry L. Dunster December 10, 2012 Should English be the official language for the United States? Because over the past several decades this subject has tried to gain some momentum. There are many arguments for and against this idea and the end of this paper won’t solve this complex problem but it might provide some interesting points of view and thoughts of persuasion. This topic is plagued with several problems and has many groups divided along social, political, and economical lines. But America should adopt English, as their official language to stronger unify our country, help immigrants assimilate into our culture easier, and become more productive and economically stable. Some groups claim that making English the official language would help bring unity amongst Americans and to our Nation. Others claim this will help encourage immigrants to become more involved in our democratic process and assimilate faster into the American culture. Still others claim that government operations would be more streamlined, cost effective, and efficient. The American Civil Liberty Union claims that by declaring English as the official language we will be restricting and/or possibly violating civil rights of minorities and their languages. Thus degrading the importance of minority’s native languages and cultures. Diversity of languages is historically considered a strength, the identification of an official language can actually strengthen diversity, not dilute it, if in any sense, along the lines of nationalism. Furthermore, the argument in favor of English as an official language does not preclude the continued existence and use of the numerous other languages spoken in the United

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