Citizen Participation in Mexico City Essay

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Mexico City: Citizen Participation in the Government. The case of Delegacion Cuajimalpa in the period 2009-2012. CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. BACKGROUND III. ARGUMENT IV. APROACH V. CONCLUSION VI. BIBLIOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION The main purpose of this paper is to analyze citizen participation from the perspective of community groups named City Councils in Mexico City, which have its legal base and organization by law to provide the structure for citizens to become involved in community betterment activities, in particular in actions regarding public safety. This topic is relevant because Mexico City is the center of the political decisions in the country and important reforms have been implemented in the last decade to increase citizen participation through mechanisms established in the new laws. Even though democracy and citizen participation has been part of the Latin American political system for a long time, countries like Mexico are still struggling to have the right mechanisms and motivations for citizen involvement in public issues, mainly because of the lack of an authentic democratic tradition and a history of strong centralist governments. In this paper I will analyze the particular situation of citizen participation in Mexico City, and will consider Delegación Cuajimalpa as my case study. From the data retrieved I will investigate if the recent efforts have been successful in increasing citizen participation and as a consequence increase the citizen’s quality of life and safety. BACKGROUND It is relevant for the purpose of this study, to give a brief explanation of the historical background of citizen participation and democracy in Mexico, in order to understand the reason why such political system has had difficulties to prosper in the region after all these years of hard efforts. Citizen participation is an essential
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