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Citizen Kane Paper This film is much more innovative than one would expect for a production from this time period. The camera work, clever use of dialogue, various lighting techniques, variety of cut scenes, narration, and significance of the major characters, all seem to be ahead of their time. Every scene in the movie seems to play an important role in the whole of the fabula. The flashbacks and flash-forwards are utilized in a manner that few films have ever duplicated. The opening scene, starting with the “No Trespassing” sign, creates a mise en scene that gives the viewer the impression that they are about to witness something that was not intended to be exposed. It is notable that, once inside Xanadu, one realizes immediately that the character about to be introduced is very wealthy, but also very isolated. The home and the bedroom window are prominent in the background from each area of the grounds. The low key lighting also creates a sense of despair and loneliness. The dialogue in the story begins with a dying Kane uttering the word “rosebud”, therefore, the remainder of the film is an external flashback. One can’t help but notice the use of asymmetrical composition when the nurse comes in the room to cover his face. Cutting to the simulated news reel of his funeral is a clever way to narrate the protagonist’s life, briefly teasing the audience to the plot of the entire story. The low key lighting in the screening room shows Bretchian estrangement in that the reporters’ identities are not as important as the investigation into Kane’s life. Each of the subsequent interviews that Thompson conducts minimizes the reporter’s character and focuses on the people who knew Kane. The way his first marriage was chronicled entirely at the dinner table was absolutely ingenious. When the timeline goes back to Kane’s childhood, the flashback is primarily used only

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