Citizen Kane Analysis

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Citizen Kane: Film of the Century I. Introduction i. Greatest film of the century ii. Contributions to the world of cinema iii. Plot summary II. Casting i. A team effort ii. Thompson iii. Thatcher iv. Mr. Bernstein v. Leland vi. Susan Alexander vii. Charles Foster Kane III. Screenplay i. Authenticity of an era ii. Kane is who we think he is IV. Flashbacks i. Kane in his youth ii. A loyal friend indeed iii. Sometimes we all need to hear the truth iv. Kane dies alone v. Rosebud V. Cinematography & Effects i. Toland and his technique ii. Borrowing a page from the film noir iii. Deep focus photography 1. The Kane boarding house 2. Who needs 3D glasses? 3. The clash between friends 4. Susan’s singing lesson iv. Optical printing 1. The El Rancho VI. Conclusion v. Fifteen years ahead of schedule The film Citizen Kane directed by the celebrated Orson Welles deserves without question, to be selected as the best film of the 20th century for the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Virtually every authority and critic in cinema has received this movie as nothing short of spectacular, and more importantly, groundbreaking. The plot of this film, its masterfully designed screenplay, and its significant contribution to the world of cinematography makes it deserving of this most prestigious award. There are no doubt many films that deserve mention and acclaim at this years awards festival, but the discernible choice for the greatest film of the
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