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"Citizen Kane" is one of the best critically acclaimed films of all time. It’s was well created with little technology available. Charles Kane is a symbolic character for William Randolph Hearst; the film uses a strong approach to symbolism to portray Hearst. One of the things that really caught my eye was the set of Xanadu. When Susan left Kane and she was walking away, the camera caught a great shot that portrayed the massiveness and beauty of the estate. Another part of the film that caught my attention was when the reporters were going through Kane's things in Xanadu and they showed all the things and statues that Kane owned. It was amazing how they were able to show all the stuff Kane had in his estate. The lighting was also a big part of this film, making use of shadowing. For instance, when Kane and Susan were arguing, Kane's shadow completely covered Susan. The use of shadowing in this scene portrayed how strong and important Kane was. I also noticed that they used mirrors in the scene where Kane was walking away from all his servants and guests that witnessed his anger outbreak after Susan left him to make the hallway he was standing at look like it was never ending. The storyline of the film was told in flashbacks. In "Citizen Kane," it portrays Kane's life in a way that makes it easier to understand his struggles and emotions. I do not believe it makes it more difficult for an audience to follow as long as they are focusing on the film. If one doesn't pay close attention to the movie, one can miss out on important details. For example, at the beginning, clues are given to the fact that "Rosebud" is the sleigh. When a scene was transitioning, you would hear an abrupt sound. The music and rare sounds used in "Citizen Kane" gave the film a realistic feel. The audio in this film is so strong that it really makes one feel for Kane. "Citizen Kane" is a

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