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Citizen Kane Questionnaire View the movie CITIZEN KANE (1941) for discussion in class on week four and to submit week five. Be sure to view the film at least twice before workshop number four. Read the information in this syllabus about this movie. Research it online at,, etc. Then complete the following questionnaire A. Literary Elements (Describe in one or two sentences) 1. Structure (storytelling format) The structure of the movie Citizen Kane is monumental and circular. As the film continues it adds more depth to his life. There were four main parts to the films structure. First, Xanadu and its magnificence, Kane’s career, then Thatcher’s confrontation with Kane the first time in the snow and lastly, the chronological account of Kane’s life. The story was told from many different points of view. 2. Plot (story) The main part in the story was searching for “Rosebud” the last words spoken by Kane. The story was told in a chronological order accounting Kanes life ending with the burning of Rosebud. Kanes life was told from five different points of view. Kane was a boy whom was abandoned and lonely and grows to become a lonely and needy man. 3. Theme (message) The message that the film gave was it is difficult to interpret a person’s life. It gave an emotional connection to him and showed how the memory can sometimes be unreliable. It also showed the myth that some have of the American dream. 4. Three moral issues in the story One moral of the story is that some people make political choices based on the media’s political influences. The main moral issue we believe was how it is difficult to interpret a person’s life. People have different points of view and prejudice beliefs and sometimes their account for what happened sometimes

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