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Citizen Kane is a Movie produced, distributed, and exhibited back in 1941. Orson Welles played as the main character and he was also the writer and director of this film. Orson Welles revolutionized the industry by introducing new cinematographic techniques as well as perfecting others. Citizen Kane is consistently consider as masterpiece in the film industry because of the techniques used in it such as: deep focus, montage, single source lighting, odd camera angles and flashback. The use of Deep focus is one of the most outstanding and important developments in this film. Deep focus is when everything is inside the same frame. For example, the scene where Charles was playing outside in the snow, while his mom was singing the contract with Mr. Thatcher. In this scene we can clearly see how the mother and Mr. Thatcher are in the front shot, Charles’ father is in mid-range and finally Kane in the very deep-range, clearly still visible through the window. The use of this technique is to show the audience the whole depicted picture of the actions of others as something important is happening. The deep focus technique is use in this scene to show the innocence of the child as he plays in the snow without any knowledge of the huge change is life is about to have. It also shows the contrast of the sadness of his mother as she signs the papers and the little importance his father has towards him. Another cinematic technique used in Citizen Kane is the montage. Montage is the sequence of few short scenes to illustrate the passing of time. For example, the scene where Charles and Emily are on the dining table having supper. In the first scenes Charles is very close to her and he seems very passionate about their marriage as he actually serves her diner first and then he eats. In the following scenes, Charles and Emily are actually seating a little apart; as the

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