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Kane Pickrel U.S History: Extra Credit Citizen Kane Review 4/22/13 Citizen Kane, in my judgment, captured the idea of the myth of the American Dream. Through its plot and symbolism, the general theme is the searching for what can never be found. “Rosebud”, Charles Foster Kane’s beloved sled from his early years creates a powerful tool that depicts what Kane can never have back, his childhood .Orson Welles depicted a man whose constant struggle for companionship was shattered by his drive for materialism. The major characters in the film were Charles Foster Kane, a well-to-do newspaper publisher, whose life was filled with great worldly fortune, but lacking of companionship costs him years of trying to fill it with possessions for something he lost in his childhood, a loving family. His partner and friend, Jedediah Leland, has an admiration for Kane that eventually separates them as Kane becomes more overbearing in the business. It is interesting though that Leland has Kane sign a Declaration of Principles, which represents his skepticism of Kane’s reliability in keeping the many promises that seemed ill fated. This is also a sign of Kane’s abuse of power and extension thereof within the company when he gains an editorial staff from another publisher, causes Leland to leave Kane for the better. Susan Alexander is evidence of Kane trying to fill in the void in his life. This also poses a problem for which direction the story goes as well. After Kane meets her, she becomes his full attention by investing in her musical “talents”, and leaving his family. No longer was he a ruthless workaholic, as he becomes lethargic and desolate. Of course, meeting her will lead to his downfall. To put the story into historical context, Kane symbolizes someone who was striving for the better of humanity, and in return hoped for the love and

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