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Citizen Kane Response I am a huge Orson Welles fan. His rendition of War of the Worlds on The Mercury Theater on Air is one of my favorite radio broadcasts. It was his first feature film. I’d never had the chance to watch it before, or a place where I could find the movie, so, it’s safe to say that I was super excited for class. The movie didn’t disappoint. It was easy to see why it was voted the greatest film of all time. Everything from the cinematography, makeup, and acting was amazing for that time and era of Hollywood. I’ve always liked movies that started at the end, and told the story in accounts and flashbacks. Some people might find it confusing, but I really like that style of The ending was a twist as well. With Charles Foster Kane’s dying word as “Rosebud”, it sent the reporters on a whirlwind investigation to find out what it meant. They thought that it was maybe a woman, one of his business ventures, or maybe the snow globe he was holding when he died. As the film comes to a close, and his vast estate is being cleared out and discarded, we see a sleigh being thrown into the furnace. As the camera pans closer, we see the name Rosebud painted on it. It was meant to represent the last time he was truly happy in his life. When I saw this, the quote, “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”, came to mind. All in all, I really enjoyed he movie. It started Orson Welles’ ascent into the upper echelons of Hollywood and secured him a place in history. It showed what a genius he is., and why he was considered a

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