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Mise En Scene The scene is set up at the start of the movie as Charles Foster Kane is dying, and his final word is Rosebud, after a news reel on the life and times of Charles Foster Kane the reporters are left wondering how to make the news reel more exciting, this leads them to go in search of the people that have known, loved and hated Charles Foster Kane. This leads to a second meeting with Susan Alexander a journey that has not yet shone light on the final word of an extremely wealthy man that was Charles Foster Kane. Susan Alexander begins to remember back to her life with Charles Foster Kane as the scene fades into Charles Foster Kane and Susan Alexander in a black car. Susan Alexander appearing miserable dressed in expensive jewellery and affluent finery, giving the impression of a woman who has everything, complains to Charles that he never gives her anything that she really cares about. Then the camera pans out from the car and shows a convoy of expensive looking vintage cars driving along the sand with the waves hitting the bench. At this point the connotation that Susan is just a wealthy spoiled brat who has everything anyone could want or need is hard to miss. The film fades into a close up shot of a man singing jazz at the picnic and the camera pans out to show the rest of the guests extremely well dressed more as if for a banquet than a picnic dancing to the music. The camera slowly follows one of the guests as he walks towards the fire where someone is turning a pig that is roasting on a spit. The camera fades out into the opulent surroundings of the tent of Charles Foster Kane and Susan Alexander. Susan Alexander is still arguing with Charles about him not giving her what he really cares about. Charles Foster Kane snaps back at her and scene moves back to the picnic where the band is playing the Jazz music that has been heard playing in the

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