Citizen Kane Essay

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his speech contained alliterations Charles Foster Kane stated that he was basically the better candidate on more than one occasion. After listening to this speech I found it to be very bias. It displayed a political bias towards Jim W. Getty. I felt that the speech should have been formal but at times it ventured from formal to informal with the jokes and the bad mouthing of Jim W. Getty he states that Jim is a dishonest man and a villain. This argument was very one sided Citizen Kane stated the wrong doings of his opponent. He attacked Jim W. Getty’s character versus attacking the argument at hand which is an ad hominen. Citizen Kane built his argument around the things that Jim W. Getty’s failed at. Kane attempted to assure the people that he wouldn’t fail them in the same manor. He made himself sound as if he was the peoples champ with his plans to protect the under privileged, under paid, and the under fed. During his speech he reassured the audience more than a few times that he was for them (the working class) and had their best interest at heart. I’m pretty sure that the people (audience) of this time really thought that this argument was effective but I did not. All I heard was one man bad mouthing and pointing out another man’s flaws. I didn’t hear any plans of action that were going to be taking to better things or the lives of the people besides Citizen Kane stating that if he was elected that he would make it his business to convict Jim W. Getty’s. I didn’t hear I’m going to change this or I’m going to give that none of that was stated. As far as him winning a tongue lashing contest he

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