Citing a Number Of Contemporary Examples, Evaluate Essay

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Citing a number of contemporary examples, evaluate pressures on energy as a resource and discuss the means by which it might be better managed in the future The worlds energy resources are becoming increasingly important to manage and maintain to ensure continued survival and stability of the planet and to ensure future generations energy needs are met. The media is increasingly focused on this topic and has raised a great deal of awareness regarding energy saving initiatives, other possible alternatives to fossil fuels and uncertainty over remaining supplies of fossil fuels. societal tensions escalate over black gold he this continued focus from the media has itself already stimulated further development of initiatives and has added pressure on less energy efficient governments The Rainforest Coalition has organized a 'Party Grouping' under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to address the role of carbon emissions from deforestation related to global climate stability. Clearly, global climate regimes which fail to address significant sources of global carbon emissions will never secure lasting climate stability. Developing nations can have a dramatic impact on international climate stability given that global deforestation and forest degradation have a significant affect upon the accumulation of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs). and If we are to ensure the future sustainability and survival of future generations Reference List Brecha R.J. 2008. Emission scenarios in the face of fossil fuel peaking. Energy Policy Volume 36, Issue 9, September 2008, Pages

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