Cism 3325 Week 2 Business Report

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Is Your Credit Card Information Really Safe with Businesses? By: Andrew Mackey CISM 3325 TR 1:00-2:15 Dr. Leseane Mackey 1 I use to work for Vector Marketing (VM) five years ago. VM was sales agency that specialized in selling different products door-to-door to potential customers. In Savannah they focused on selling high-end cutlery to selected qualified people. My job consisted of calling a list of pre-approved people who would most likely let me set up an appointment to come show them the product. If I did not secure an appointment with the person I would get them to give me a list of names,…show more content…
I found out the hard way that the list of priorities for a business is real short after they have made their money off the consumer. I made a purchase over the phone, but a month later I was billed for something else four times worth my purchase. The business did not how I was charged for an item I did not receive, but said I placed the order a week after my initial order. I was a victim of new account fraud. “Existing account fraud occurs when a thief uses an existing credit card or similar account information to illicitly obtain money or goods. New account fraud (traditionally) occurs when a thief makes use of another individual’s personal information to open one or more new accounts in the victim’s name.” (Roberbs pg22). With all the problems that can happen when exchanging your credit card information to a business, why would anyone go online and give merchants their credit card information?

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