Cisco System, Inc.: Collaborating on New Product Introduction Essay

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Introduction Len Bosack, and Sandy Lerner founded cisco in 1984. It is one of the leading (if not the leading) network gear corporations in the world. The company also sells broadband Internet service and telecommunications to the masses. Cisco’s foundation technologies were routers and switches. It is a global giant in networking. Cisco operates in well over 120 countries and employs over 75000 people. With such a large spread of the company across time zones, it is easy to understand why Cisco prides its self with collaborative, cross-functional organization. The type of process is crucial to a successful Cisco business across different geographical locations. In November 2007, Cisco sought to launch a new product. A project code named; VIKING. Project Viking was the development of a router with a considerable amount of speed and capacity. Project Viking is unique and challenging in 4 different ways. * The new product release date was a year away, November 2008. * Complete outsourcing of the manufacturing process. * Foxconn, the third party company that was handling a bulk of the manufacturing and supply chain management was new to the scope and complexity of a cisco project. * A chance for Cisco to test their New Product Introduction, expertise. Cisco’s NPI process involved three major stages: strategy and planning; execution; and deployment. The process included a series of checkpoints between each stage. Cisco is fully committed to the FOD (First Order Date), a year from now, and the cross-functional team needs to work with Foxconn to make it fully realized. That is the challenge. SECTION 4 Long-Term Risks of Single Sourcing Question: Cisco is committing to produce Viking at a single source Foxconn. Moreover, the Viking production mostly takes place within two-hour driving distance of the Hong Kong fulfillment

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