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Question 1: Use the internet and analyze the positioning of Flip in the camcorder market. Look at the historical evolution of this category also. Pure Digital Inc introduced Filp camcorder in 2007 which was a vertical line extension of previous digital disposable camera product under the Dakota Digital name. This product segmented the traditional camcorder market by its distinctive attributes: potable size, affordable price, easy to use, and easy to share feature. The company positioned Filp, a point-and-shoot camcorder, as a valuable choice for non-technique users who favor ease of use, portability, and price and neglect image qualities. Hence, Pure Digital aimed its target market at first-buyers, teenagers and traditional camcorder users who look for a portable alternative. To Pure Digital, Flip is an “Eagle” product based on line extension because  This is a new market segment because there’s no similar product exists before  The features are new and appealing to mass market  The market size is quite big In terms of across category positioning, there are many devices with video-capture capability such as cellphones, DSLRs and compact cameras, laptops, and personal media players. Flip differentiated itself by emphasizing its features such as portable, easy to use, share online and affordable price. In this case, Flip target at consumers who prefer camcorder to multipurpose-devices. In terms of across product-line positioning (can use different sentence?), Flip actually created a new camcorder category - pocket camcorder. Before Flip, camcorder market experienced evolution from analog to digital handy cam but none of them were pocket size. Instead of a traditional camcorder, the Flip resembles a point-and-shoot camera. Besides the size, Flip’s easy to use and share feature also very attractive to mass market where users favor convenience and economy but

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