Cisco Case Study

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01. Investigate the approach that Cisco Systems has used in its many successful acquisitions. What are some of the human resource practices that have made its acquisitions successful?  Using acquisitions as a strategic Weapon for increasing market share while enhancing customer satisfaction.  Targeting companies that provide best fit for CISCO’S own strategic direction and corporate culture.  Determining success based on the level of post purchase retention and the integration of newly acquired personnel and intellectual capital.  Cisco looks whether there is compatibility in terms of long term goals 0f the organization work culture and geographical proximity.  Cisco believes in an organization culture which is risk taking and adventurous. If this is lacking in the target company, then Cisco is not convinced and backs out from the acquisition.  No forced acquisitions  The company insists on no layoffs and job security is guaranteed to all the employees of the acquired company.  the acquisition team evaluates the working style of the management of the target company, the caliber of the employees, the technological systems and relationship style wish the employees, once the acquisition team is convinced, an integration strategy is rolled out.  A top level integration team visits the target company and gives clear cut information regarding Cisco and the future roles of the employees of the acquired firm.  After the acquisition, employees of the acquired firm are given 30 days of orientation training to fit into the organizational environment. 02. If human resources are a major source of competitive advantage and the key determinant of an organization’s ability to pursue a given strategy, why have the human resource aspects of mergers and acquisitions been ignored or handled poorly in so many instances in the past?  To Kill competitors
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