Cisco Case Study

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Q1: Explain’s strategy during the period 2007 to early 2010 Central to Amazon’s strategy was growth in sales. Figure 1 shows Amazon’s approach of achieving growth being: * Customer- centric * Continually improving the customer experience * Lower prices * Wider selection This in turn fed back to: * Increasing use of Amazon’s websites(traffic) by customers and sellers. * Growing resources for innovation. * Improving customer experience and so the ‘virtuous’ cycle continued. Amazon extended to what started at 2002, after launched a web services platform. Amazon kept going. In late 2007, it set up Lab 126 where first product, the kindle e-book reader, and Amazon at its roots is built to transform. When it finds opportunities to serve new customers, or existing customers in new ways, it conceives and builds new business models to exploit them. Amazon has the unique ability to launch and run entirely new types of businesses while simultaneously extracting value from existing businesses. Amazon's journey forward will likely be marked by a series of transformations. * In early 2007, Amazon launched, which focused on shoe and handbag items. * 2007and early 2009 (AWS) Amazon Web Services. * MP3 Music Store. * From early 2008 DRM-free MP3. * In September 2008, Amazon’s subsidiary * Amazon Currency Converter. * In April 2008 Amazon TextBuyIt. Early 2009, strategically aligned acquisitions and alliances remained a key way for Amazon to pursue technology developments, applications and extend products or services. * AbeBooks, which added millions of customers to Amazons existing consumer base and expanded its geographic. Figure 1 Amazon’s Strategy Customer experience Customer experience
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