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Business Brief Ethics are the accepted principles of conduct that govern behavior within a society. Ethical communication is particularly important in business because communication is the public face of a company, which is why communication efforts are intensely scrutinized by company stakeholders. Ensuring ethical business communication requires three elements: ethical individuals, ethical company leadership, and the appropriate policies and structures to support employees efforts to make ethical choices. Many companies establish an explicit ethics policy by using a written code of ethics to help employees determine what is acceptable. Cisco, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the Internet and corporate networks, has developed a code of ethics for its employees. The three specific examples of things I could do that would violate the provisions of the company are: 1. Avoiding or ignoring internal reporting of any violation by higher authorities like managers which might lead to retaliation in future. 2. Tease or bully a colleague who is quite close to me. 3. Not informing about the relationship between me and a relative working as a team which could cause conflict of interest. Three opportunities that Cisco provides its employees to report ethics violations or ask questions regarding ethical dilemmas are: 1. Cisco encourages employees to talk to a manager or Human Resources representative. They have responsibility to listen and help. 2. Employees can contact Ethics Office. The Ethics Office is available to all employees, customers, partners, shareholders and other stakeholders who wish to raise concerns. The Ethics Office manages all inquiries promptly and confidentially, to the extent possible by law. 3. Employees can also share concerns anonymously using the Ethics Web

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