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Cisco Introduction I have created the following report to explain how different protocols can be used to create a network. The locations used have been already given to me in the brief assignment. This report shows the various actions that are taken in order to create networks using the information provided. I have explained the protocols which could have been considered and from them which one I chose and why I had chosen this certain protocol. Further in the report I have given diagrams to explain these protocols and explained them. London The layout given: IP Addressing Trainee Sales Admin Research Router Loopback Address: Once the IP addresses have been assigned to one location we can use the remaining ranges in the other locations. Location Two, Cardiff We have 2 users so we will be using four addresses in this network. The subnet we will be using for this network is, this gives us 2 addresses which we can use, this will allow us to allocate two users and then the 3rd address can be given to the router interface. Trainee User, IP Addresses: The ‘Sales’ will require 3 addresses which then can be used, so we will need atleaset 5 addresses available for in this range, here we need to allocate a subnet mask which then can support up to 8 hosts. The subnet will be The IP Address Allocation will be: The next subnet is the ‘Admin’ subnet in this section, this section requires 6 users, we need to here again assign 6 usable addresses, and the then the 7th would be an address allocated to the router interface, the subnet mask for this will be The IP Addresses Allocation is as follows: Now we have the ‘Research’ side left in this

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