Cis502 Wk10 Discussion1

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• Imagine you are a CISO of a publically traded company and concerned about security when sending any message traffic over the Internet to your remote sites. Determine the security measures you would consider implementing to mitigate security risks when sending message traffic over the Internet. Explain your reasoning. Teardrop – a mangled packet sent in fragments via overlapping or overloading payloads which could cause the systems as it has in the past with older OS versions. Sequence number – hijacked or interrupted TCP/IP sessions via injected packets that disguises its origination from one of the two computers in a session. Spam, and phishing attacks. Vulnerabilities of these types of attacks include: unnecessary open ports, unpatched systems, poor or outdated configurations, and exposed cabling. Countermeasures to safeguard these risks and vulnerabilities include: Access control lists, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, protecting network cabling, utilizing anti-virus software, private addressing, closing unnecessary ports and services, and installing security patches as necessary. • Suggest security devices or configurations that should be employed to mitigate risks existing in telecommunications. Support your response. Risks include: theft of services, Denial of services, privacy and compliance. Best practices incorporate virtual private network technologies VPN’s with built-in encryption features, firewalls, and admission control security endpoints. • Examine the defense-in-depth concept of a small government agency that has recently relocated to a new building. Explain what types of network security measures you would recommend to protect this agency. Make a list of assumptions to support your reasoning. Applying defense-in-depth includes security network, host PC,
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