Cis 552 Final Exam Solutions Essay

478 Words2 Pages CIS 552 Final Exam Solutions (1) Which of the following is not a virus preventative technique? (2) What is the name of a virus that changes itself when it spreads? (3) Which of the following is a piece of code or software that spreads from system to system by attaching itself to other files? (4) What type of malware attempts to trick victims into purchasing software or providing their credit card numbers? (5) Which of the following best describes what occurs when a lower-level account is cracked in order to obtain increased access? (6) Enumeration can be used to discover all but which of the following types of information? (7) Installing Netcat on a remote system by using an exploit is an example of what type of attack? (8) Which of the following best describes what occurs when a user attempts a connection to a Windows system without the standard username and password being provided? (9) What can an insecure login system provide? (10) Which of these describes a database security problem that occurs when actions of database users are not properly tracked? (11) Changing the content of a Web site with the intent of leaving a distinguishing mark or changing its appearance is __________. (12) Identifying fixes and prevention methods occurs in which of these incident response stages? (13) Which of the following properly describes an IDS system? (14) Which of the following is best suited for environments where critical system-level assets need to be monitored? (15) An incident response team does not respond to which of the following events? (16) In Linux, which of the following is the account that has complete and unrestricted access? (17) Who originally designed and created Linux? (18) Most versions of Linux make their source code available through which

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