Cis 512 Midterm Exam Solutions Essay

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CIS 512 Midterm Exam Solutions CIS 512 Midterm Exam Solutions Questions 1 In graphics, a ____ is a line segment with a specific angle and length in relation to a point of origin. Questions 2 ____ is a technique that reduces the number of bits used to encode data, such as a file or a stream of video images transmitted across the Internet. Questions 3 The ____ discipline includes activities that verify correct functioning of infrastructure and application software components and ensure that they satisfy system requirements. Question 4 A single sector usually holds ____ bytes. Question 5 Managers of _____ collections of information systems and supporting infrastructure must contend with a great deal of technical complexity. Question 6 A disk with many program and data files scattered on it is said to be ____. Question 7 A(n) ____ detects specific patterns of bars or boxes. Question 8 A ____ storage device stores and retrieves data items in a linear, or sequential, order. Question 9 The ____ governs the format, content, and timing of data, memory addresses, and control messages sent across the bus. Question 10 Memory devices comprised of semiconductors and other forms of RAM with long-term or permanent data retention are generically known as ____. Question 11 The ____ is a digital circuit that generates timing pulses, or signals, and transmits the pulses to other devices in the computer. Question 12 A(n) ____ instruction generates the result true if both of its data inputs are true. Question 13 The upper 128 entries in Latin-1 are sometimes called ____. Question 14 When manipulating single-precision floating-point numbers, CPU performance is measured in ____. Question 15 Bar-code readers use ____that sweep a narrow beam back and

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