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CIS 510 Final Exam Solution CIS 510 Final Exam Solution Question 1 Office workers who use the system all day are most concerned about having an interface which Question 2 Data elements in a relational database are organized into ____. Question 3 A ____ manages one or more information system resources or provides a well-defined service. Question 4 In Scrum, the ____ maintains the product backlog list. Question 5 ____ relationship(s) can be represented in a single relational database table using primary and foreign key fields. Question 6 Under which of the following circumstances might a direct installation be a good choice? Question 7 The domain layer focuses exclusively on the ____ classes. Question 8 The development of a structure chart based on a data flow diagram (DFD) with input-process-output data flow is called ____ analysis. Question 9 Which of the following is true of class-level methods? Question 10 The World Wide Web is organized around the ____ metaphor. Question 11 The list of required output reports is normally specified during the ____ phase. Question 12 Which of the following types of contracts will most likely put most of the risk on the vendor? Question 13 Which of the following is NOT an example of a technique to reduce input errors? Question 14 Documents that allow the user to click on a link and to jump to a different part of the document or another document are referred to as ____. Question 15 The study of end users and their interactions with computers is called ____. Question 16 A(n) ____ version is a system that is incomplete but ready for some level of rigorous testing. Question 17 Module ____ is a measure of the internal strength of a module. Question 18 Which of the following is network equipment that directs information within the

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