Cis 510 Creatseing a Use Case Essay

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Week 4: Assignment 2: Creating a Use Case By Christie Greene CIS 510: Advance Systems Analysis and Design Instructor: Dr. Richard Brown July-29-2014 Assignment 2: Creating a Use Case Abstract Requirements modeling process begins with the concept of use cases. This is an activity performed by a system usually in response to a request by a user. Two techniques recommended for identifying use cases are known as the user goal technique and the event decomposition technique. On a daily basis, we are all actors in various use case diagrams as we go about completing our daily tasks and objectives in our homes and offices to name a few. The analyst focuses on one type of user at a time so that he can systematically address the problem of identifying use cases. The key purpose of a Use Case is to describe a system from the client/customer point of view, even though the developer plays a critical role in the development process. Use case can also be defined as objective an actor(s) want to achieve with a particular system, example, making a hotel reservation. A use case diagram is one that depicts use cases and how they are organized. It is a graphical demonstration of use cases and their relationships to users. This will be demonstrated in the answer to the research question which will illustrate a use case diagram showing all actors and all use cases for the RMO CSMS marketing subsystem. The paper will further provide a narrative description that includes overview of the diagram and an analysis of all actors involved as required by the assignment.(Strayer University Materials, July, 2014). Overview of the diagram Analysts create a variety of use case diagrams to communicate with users, stakeholders, management, and team members (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd et al., 2012). Use case diagram is good at

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