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Cis 331 Week 8 Case Study 2

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  • on August 16, 2015
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CIS 331 week 8 case study 2

After reading “A Patient Information System for Mental Health Care”, I found it necessary that I explain how this system works for the best. In this essay I will explain things such as, the overall architecture for a kind of system. I will explain why this pattern and architecture is important. There will also be key features explained such as architecture patterns, how these patterns can be applied ad implemented and even the shortcomings associated with the architecture. I will also present a UML diagram explaining how the process will work.
Patient Information System
We use the patient information system to support mental health care. This is a medical information system that maintains information about patients suffering from mentalhealth problems and the treatments that they have received while in recovery. Most mental healthpatients do not require dedicated hospital treatment but need to attend specialistclinics regularly where they can meet a doctor who has detailed knowledge oftheir problems. To make it easier for patients to attend, these clinics are not justrun in hospitals. They may also be held in local medical practices or communitycenters.
Mental Health Care-Patient Management System
The MHC-PMS (Mental Health Care-Patient Management System) is an informal system that is intended for use in clinics. It makes use of a centralized database of
patient information but has also been designed to run on a PC, so that it may be accessedand used from sites that do not have secure network connectivity.

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