Cis 331 Week 4 Case Study Assignment

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CIS 331 Week 4 Case Study Assignment CIS 331 Week 4 Case Study Assignment There are many possibilities you can take when dealing with an SS. A SRS is basically an organization understands of the customer or potential client’s system requirements and dependencies at a particular point in time prior to any actual design or even change development work. This is known as a two-way insurance policy that makes sure that both the client and the organization understand the other’s requirements from a certain perspective at a given point in time. In this essay I will create a SRS of a hotel managements system. I will also give you examples of an SRS and explain things such as the description, the function, and the specifications. User & System Requirements With this system come user requirements. These are certain requirements that will help gain access to the SRS for the hotel. It will also be broken down into specific categories. For example; the software that will most likely be used is the oracle. While some of the user requirements will be login credentials, reservations, check ins, payments and room service. The external requirements will include things such as a computer or laptop, keyboard, mouse, and a printer. As for the hardware requirements, this system will most likely be running on windows by Microsoft. Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements Most of the functional requirements in a hotel are quite simple it is broken down into categories. To Read or Download Complete Tutorial Click on Purchase Button and Complete
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